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Let’s face it; long, drawn-out events can be boring. Imagine having to spend hours in
your seat listening to various presentations discussed by different speakers. As a client,
try putting yourself in the shoes of your audience, and chances are you’ll be bored out
of your wits as well.
We at PERTH AV EQUIPMENT HIRE aims to eliminate the possibility of your audience
dozing off by helping you set up visual displays, which will not only wake them up but
also educate and inspire them, too.

We have LED and seamless LCD walls, HD projectors,
widescreens, multiple screens that showcase an array of graphics, and more.
Let us know the objectives of your event, the brand you are promoting, the underlying
theme, and the message you want to get across so we can customise a technical

solution for your audience. We promise to use the latest technology and creative
treatments to put together the tools you’ll need for a spectacular visual presentation.

Any size screen to fit your requirements

We offer different package deals that will surely give you the best value for money. At
PERTH AV EQUIPMENT HIRE, we strictly adhere to transparency. Thus, you will know
exactly how much the final cost will be when you hire any of the products and services
we offer.

Please take note that you can customise your orders based on your needs. You are free
to mix and match the product inclusions of the service package you will avail of until you
get the perfect combination to meet the demands of your event.

Technical Production Management Hire

Technical Direction Hire

Widescreen Projection Hire

Projection Mapping Hire

LED Walls/LED Screens Hire

Digital Signage Management Hire

Technical Services Hire

Draping Hire

Rigging Hire

Digital Banners and Backdrops Hire

Projector Hire

Electric Screen Hire

Whiteboard Hire


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