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At PERTH AV EQUIPMENT HIRE, we know how lighting can be a powerful branding tool.
We have a wide array of lighting fixtures and design concepts to help you create
memorable experiences for your audience.We understand how crucial it is to put your product or service in the spotlight, and believe us when we say that is exactly what we plan to do.

We have the right tools and equipment necessary for you to create the right atmosphere for your event using colour, patterns, and movement to transform a mundane venue into something dramatically impactful.

Our inventory of basic lighting and the latest programmable intelligent lighting, LED
lighting, theatrical lights, stage lights, spotlights, lighting desks, and more will help
ensure that your audience see your brand in the perfect light.

small light and microphone setup used on a lecturn have all be hired

We offer different package deals that will surely give you the best value for money. At
PERTH AV EQUIPMENT HIRE, we strictly adhere to transparency. Thus, you will know
exactly how much the final cost will be when you hire any of the products and services
we offer.

Please take note that you can customise your orders based on your needs. You are free
to mix and match the product inclusions of the service package you will avail of until you
get the perfect combination to meet the demands of your event.

Sophisticated, Dynamic Lighting Hire

4-Way Light

Animated 3D Walk-through Equipment Hire

LED 4-in-1 Multicolour/Blinders

Showcraft Technique Equipment Hire


Theming Equipment Hire


Styling Equipment Hire

LED Wash Light

Lighting Production and Design Equipment Hire

Lighting Desk

Lighting Effects Equipment Hire

Lighting Truss


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